You know when you have that friend who you love talking to and spending time with, and then something happens to distract you, and you don’t get a chance to call them? A week passes, then another, and all of a sudden six months has gone by… yes, I’m sorry reader, I am talking about you and me.

Not to say I haven’t been thinking about you, I cannot tell you how many ideas I have had, how many pictures I have taken and then didn’t get around to uploading. It just got a bit embarrassing, and I started to think whatever I posted next had to be perfect, which has just meant another month has passed. So I decided it was time to just bite the bullet, write this and then post it before I can change my mind in the hope I get over myself and the writing can recommence!

My last post was about Christmas, and as all us crafters know the build up to Christmas is always full on. Everything (bar the children) gets ignored, me and the house being the greatest victims! So I always see January as my chance to regroup. I pack away the glitter and the red and green paint for a bit, and I take a long hard look at what needs doing. This part always shocks me. How have I lived with gorilla legs (my poor husband) and hairy plants (I had to groom my orchid of the grungy hairy dust, just gross!). The house this year has been attacked, I spent two weeks doing nothing but cleaning, sorting and re arranging and spent the Friday night crying because the bloody house still looked the same!

I can’t bear those jobs that don’t show any difference, two days spent clearing out drawers and putting all the toys back in the correct box, and the drawers still look exactly the same. Pulling out the sofa and chairs and facing the awe inspiring debris stashed beneath (anyone with animals and kids will know what I mean) before putting them back and no one being any the wiser of that grotty hour you just spent sorting and chucking unrecognisable lumps. Steam cleaning the floor and washing all the windows to have the dog do a double whammy of throwing himself at said window and leaving dirty marks, before sauntering around the entire downstairs leaving dirty paw prints on every clean surface.

For my sanity, I am backing off from the obsessive cleaning. I can no longer scream at my girls for leaving socks on the floor and cups on the table and encounter their completely startled faces after letting them basically live feral for the last few months whilst I just finish that last detail before I post another Christmas gift for someone else.

Which leaves me. Much like my inability to post here, what started as a great year for my weight loss, faltered and died around six months ago! I lost an amazing three stone in the lead up to summer last year and was so pleased with myself, and then as soon as I started getting really busy with the craft stuff, I just became a see saw, losing a pound, putting on two, losing three, putting on one, and six months later I’m a few pounds heavier than I was then. Not too bad, but the war is back on! I have two stone to lose, and I will do it! I have made myself an awesome weight loss board and will fill it up!

If you fancy one of these boards, check out my Facebook page or Etsy shop, any choice of writing on your board available!

So I have some hefty resolutions this year. For what feels like the millionth year running I am determined to get on with finishing all those bits round the house. It does feel possible this year with both girls at school! Through losing weight I have fallen in love with running, so I am determined to enter an organised race this year, as well as of course shifting those final two stone.

Last but not least, the focus has to be the business this year! I will be trying to promote myself properly this year, as well as aiming for a steady income throughout the year rather than just over the Christmas period. So join me as I get started and keep visiting to see if I can manage to get back on track! I have my daughter’s first sleepover party at the weekend, it’s for her birthday and it’s very short notice for me! I will powering through this week to make it suitably fabulous for her. I ll update you at the weekend how I got on!