Well, I launch the site, and then disappear!  I have been really busy making teacher’s gifts for the end of term, which has really made me happy.  It shows me how far I have come since last year, when I had a handful of orders.  This year, I concentrated on a few designs and then advertised them on Facebook and told mums about them in the playground, and it really seemed to pay off.  I haven’t yet added them to my etsy store, but I will be this week.  As always, if you do see anything of interest, just get in touch, and we can arrange delivery and payment directly.

Classroom Welcome sign

I made this for Lily’s teacher and just love it! When I was teaching, I would have loved one of these on my classroom door.  The sign is prepared with a primer and then the base colour is sprayed on, before all the details are painted on by hand.  It’s finished with an acrylic lacquer so it will last a good few years.  At £12 I think this is a bit of a bargain!

Solid freestanding wooden apple

I have to say, these turned out to be a bit of a labour of love.  The apple is made out of thick MDF which will stand by itself, and then ‘Best teacher’ or ‘Best teaching assistant’ is engraved into it.  I painted the outside edge of the apple, and then painted the indents of the engraving.  Messages are then hand drawn onto the reverse and woodburnt onto the apple.  I then varnish the entire thing, before adding a wooden label, burnt with the teacher’s name and tied on with a ribbon.  All of these elements obviously take quite a long time to put together and were really a bit too cheap at £6!  I do find though that there is an upper limit on what parents are prepared to spend.  I made one of these for Megan’s key worker at nursery, and she was so pleased she messaged me personally with a picture of it on her side.  Megan was delighted to see what her house looked like!

Freestanding puzzle pieces

These are my favourite! I love the fact that these are really versatile, perfect for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift or as a present for grandparents, the possibilities are endless!  The puzzle piece is really chunky, freestanding like the apples and will look great as an ornament.  It is primed and then again the base colour is sprayed on before I hand draw the writing and detail on.  Again, a bargain £6 each!

Hanging laser cut heart

These were by far the most popular of the gifts I made this year.  I think because they will make such a lovely wall hanging.  These are primed, sprayed and then the colour and wording in hand painted.  Again, only £6 each.

Class family tree

I so enjoyed making the wooden framed family tree available on my etsy page I really wanted to make a larger version for the teacher’s at Megan’s nursery.  I was so worried about her when she started nursery because she was so much quieter than Lily and was very rarely, if ever away from me.  The teachers made her at home immediately and right from the beginning I knew she was going to be in safe hands.  I have really enjoyed the relationship I have made with the nursery and was so sad that Meg would be leaving.  Therefore I wanted to give them something special which was for all of the staff.  The tree actually ended up having 37 names on for all the children that were leaving, and I added a small pearl to Megan’s star, rather than changing the colour of the heart as I had originally planned.  I didn’t want to make it all about Megan! I think this style of tree would make a fabulous leaving present for teachers, nurseries, gym clubs, again possibilities are too numerous to mention individually.  The teacher’s loved it, and were really touched.  I was so pleased to have got it right! This obviously took a lot more work than the original tree, so will be slightly more expensive, appearing in the etsy store soon for £35.  I loved the card a made to go with the tree, so have added a few pictures of that too, even though it won’t be for sale.

So, now you know why it has been so quiet on the page!! Believe it or not, the next big season for me is Christmas! So whilst everyone else is sun bathing (or as recently, sheltering from the rain!) I am going to be making a start on my Christmas range! I am planning a few first day at school projects though, so keep a look out for them.  With my little baby starting school (sob!) it seems only appropriate!

Please let me know what you think of the above, and anything you would like to see added! Thanks!