I was recently invited to a fiftieth birthday party and I had absolutely no idea what I would take with me.  It’s such a milestone birthday, it needed to be something special as well as being a keepsake, without costing the earth.  Sometimes being a crafter has its benefits!  I have seen these wooden family trees cropping up on Pinterest and etsy and thought this would be the perfect choice for the lady in question, because she is very family orientated.

I am also one of those people that sees what other people are producing and it immediately gets me thinking how I could do it better or improve on the design.  Nothing like setting yourself a challenge! I was so pleased with the result, I immediately got making another one for my sister, and this time thought it would be fun to include their dog!

I love the fact that with a few little changes, you get a completely different result!  The little gems add a sparkle and different dimension whilst the little flowers, owls and lettering are actually earrings which were used in my wedding as decoration! (I stabbed them into the live branches used as centrepieces on the tables – cheaper and more practical than decorations designed specifically for that purpose.  I am always on the look out for a bargain!) I simply snapped the backs of the earrings and glued them on.  I like the fact this makes them unique, and will ensure that every tree I create in the future is different.

I did consider using my woodburner to write the names on the hearts, but wanted them to be painted so they stood out better against the tree.  I thought it would be fun to burn the initials with a heart into the tree instead, and my sister really liked this when I gifted it to her.  Sometimes it’s the little extra embellishments that make the whole that little bit more special!

The possibilities don’t just extend to colour changes and occasions though.  I plan on gifting a similar tree, but with smaller hearts to encompass all of the children in my daughter’s nursery to my daughter’s nursery teachers this year as she leaves to go to school.  This would be such a lovely gift idea for a teacher at school, or an after school club from an individual child, or from a group of parents or children.

This is just a blank example of what the tree would look like with thirty hearts, colours and design will be chosen and names added as you choose.

If you like either of these ideas, just get in touch! Message me here, or go to my shop, or Facebook page.  Buy your family tree here.