OK, it isn’t quite Christmas yet, but as any crafter knows, half our year is dedicated to preparation for Christmas because so much of our revenue is generated during it!  Look what I have just had delivered by the post man!  Luckily, I have always loved the build up to Christmas, so I enjoy getting to think about it for longer than most, but I know lots of you hate the dreaded ‘C’ word until at least November, so please close your eyes or look away now!!

This lovely reindeer family is cut with your choice of family members and animals.  They even offer an angel option with wings so you can add departed family members.  I will paint this is colours of your choice, and I will hand paint the names of the family members along the space at the bottom.  This is free standing, being made out of thick MDF.  

I have lots of new bits this year to add to the collection, and I will be doing a lot more personalised gifts, as these proved very popular last year.  These pictures are just a sneak peak at what has just been delivered this weekend.  The summer holidays are prime painting time for all these bits, and I will be adding pictures as I complete them.

I am so excited about this tree!  It stands alone on its own little stand and I am so looking forward to painting and glittering this up!  Include the whole family and stand it in pride of place.  Perfect to bring out year after year!

Some of the items were so popular last year, I had to sell out because I just didn’t have the time to paint them, so this year, I will be adding items to the shop as I complete them, so orders can start being made straight away!

My ‘Christmas at the ….. family’ signs were so popular last year, when I saw this alternative train sign, I had to add it to my collection.  Made out of chunky MDF, this will stand alone beautifully on a mantelpiece or book case.  

If there is something in particular you are looking for let me know as soon  as possible so I can source it, and get it prepared in plenty of time.  I will also have lots of smaller, less expensive options available, for pocket money spending too!

These cute freestanding lovelies will be painted and then personalised with your children’s names.  I have a feeling the unicorn may be popular amongst the girls!!  

I loved all the baubles I made personalised last year.  They will all be available this year too, but I will be adding these beauties too!  Who doesn’t love Disney mickey or Minnie ears, and I already know of a few superhero fans.  What about adding a picture to the Santa hat bauble? Great for a secret Santa gift, if you can find a head picture to put in it!!

This is only a tiny selection of what will be my best Christmas collection yet.  A few things I intend to keep secret until closer to the festive season.  I am also waiting for my alternative to the popular Christmas plates I paint each year.  This year I will doing something a little different which I think will prove even more popular!

Keep watching this space!!