‘OK, I should not be admitting this, but ever since I found Pinterest I have been a little bit (completely) obsessed to the point I have been known to throw sweets at my girls whilst sitting them in front of Netflix so I can get my fix.  Those little notifications they send you with ideas you may be interested in are a killer!  Twelve hours later I’m hating my husband for not having built an enchanted hobbit house at the end of our garden!

For anyone creatively minded (scatty), Pinterest is basically a much more beautiful version of the Internet with a virtual pin board so you can save all the stuff you are looking at in one place.  This is fantastic if, like me, you get easily distracted when searching for something, and go off on a tangent, or if you simply search through so much stuff you can’t remember how to find things you saw on the way.

When I start a project I always use Pinterest as my starting block.  Someone may have already had a go at what you are thinking of doing, so can point out the pitfalls to save you falling into them, or all the ideas may lead you in a different, better direction.

Please feel free to have a look through my boards, and I will add links to boards which have inspired particular projects as I make them. ‘

  • | Sea turtle. Hawaï.
  • Awwwww the two pigs at the bottom were sticking their tongues out. SO CUTE
  • Koala have uncannily human-like fingerprints they use to grip things. They also have large claws to help grip even harder. They also have two thumbs. You do not want to be gripped by a koala. - Imgur
  • Put Your Paw in Mine
  • And while hedgehogs aren't afraid to get silly... | 16 Ways Hedgehogs Put Cats To Shame
  • Little baby elephant smelling the day
  • Inflatable Pictures Of Animals Floating On Water
  • Albino sea turtle hatchling - Imgur
  • Happy World Wildlife Day! Remember to show Mother Nature some extra love today.