We have been so busy recently trying to sort out the garden and now we finally have some sun, I have been looking for a really quick, easy mini moo make this week. Sometimes, the simple things really are the best, and this one is just brilliant!  Once again, I found myself looking at Pinterest and found a tutorial that just seemed so simple I didn’t believe it would work.  Lo and behold, since making it the girls have been outside now the weather is finally improving to play with it a few times, and it really does work great!

Things you will need:

  • A plastic bottle (any size or shape!)
  • a pair of old tights
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hairband or elastic band
  • some washing up liquid and water
  • a plate with lip, or shallow bowl

Yes, that really is it! It doesn’t have to be tights either, it just so happened Megan had a massive hole in this pair and I had been planning on throwing them out. Socks, or cloths would work just as well.

1. Simply dig a hole in the base of the bottle (I did this bit!) and cut around the base so you have two parts.  Cut a leg off of the tights. I just used normal scissors.

2.  Meg then stretched the leg over the larger part of the bottle. We didn’t pull it taught, but just folded over the rest of the tights and then used a hair band to secure it on. A rubber band would also work, but in our house of girls we have hundreds of these hanging around!

3.  Pour washing up liquid and water (equal parts of each for us) into a shallow bowl or plate with a lip, and then dunk your bottle, material end in so it becomes completely soaked.

4.  This is where the fun begins! Blow into the bottle, and you will get an incredible long bubble snake! The girls were fascinated and had competitions to see who could blow the longest snake.

5.  Just don’t breathe in instead of blowing out! You will get a nasty mouthful of bubbles, as Lily found out!!

So now when the kids tell you they are bored during half term, you will have something up your sleeve! Cheap, easy fun that will keep little and big ones entertained for ages! You can thank me later…