I am painfully aware that my little Megan Moo Moo will soon be off to school and suddenly she will be spending more time with her classmates and teacher than she will be with me.  Moo has been my little shadow for such a long time now I can’t imagine her not being there, and somehow it seems harder to see her go than it did with Lily.  Maybe it’s because I recognise the significance of this step more this time, or maybe it’s because Moo is my last baby and I’m not ready to hand her over to the world yet.  Either way, I plan on treasuring our ‘alone time’ together whilst Lily is at school and what better way to immortalise that time together than here?

Posts to this section will be frequent, at least weekly showing in pictures or video tutorials what we have made and how we did it.  They are ‘mini moo makes’ because we will only be doing crafts that take up to half an hour maximum and which are suitable for younger children in their simplicity.  I can’t promise the quality of the photos from these sessions because Moo is not so fussed on me taking too many!  I do promise to be truthful about how we go with them, publishing the disastrous as well as the successful so you don’t have to!

I am forever looking for fun things to do with Meg which won’t be too taxing, too long or try both our patience.  There is nothing worse than starting a little project with the best of intentions, only to end it five minutes later with one or both of us having a little hissy fit and stomping off.  I therefore thought the first post to this section should be a little list of dos and don’t for crafting with little people.  So here goes…



  • as the scouts do, be prepared! Make sure that you have everything you will need for your project to hand, including tools such as scissors.  Little people do not have time for you to search every drawer in the house for cello tape.  By the time you return with said cello tape they will have made their own masterpiece with the other exciting stuff on the table, or have lost interest entirely.
  • Research your project.  My best friend, Pinterest is a great place to start, particularly for pictorial tutorials so you have a good idea of what the pitfalls may be and can be prepared!
  • Have fun! This is not a test.  Even if it doesn’t work, or looks rubbish, if you have a laugh doing it, your little person will still think it was ‘the best day ever!’ As my two say about anything fun because you spent some time together, with no ‘shouty voice’.


  • be too ambitious.  Simple is usually best and more fun.
  • Expect a masterpiece.  When Meg is pouring glue or blobbing paint everywhere, it is so tempting to take it off her and do it neatly myself, but it’s her experimentation which will increase her confidence and her expertise.
  • Lose your cool.  Patience is a virtue.  Try and preempt things which you know may set you off.  If you’re a neat freak, (no fear of that here!) make sure you protect table surfaces and floors with cheap plastic tablecloths (I get mine from the pound shop) so if your little loved one drops a whole pot of paint on the floor you don’t have to have a coronary.

Remember, and it’s worth repeating, this is fun quality time with your child, not an attempt at a masterpiece! Don’t go all control freaky and take over! (I am talking from experience here!) I hope you enjoy the crafts as they appear on here, and I would love to see the results of any you do have a go at, good or bad!!