That title is about as close to politics as this website will ever come!! The cabinet above was an absolute steal because quite frankly, it’s ugly!  All I focussed on when I saw it was the shape and size.  Plenty of small drawers for my girls to store all their ‘treasure’ in and keep it out of the public eye, and not too bulky to be kept under the window sill as I planned.

I love a before and after picture because they can be quite dramatic, but they defy all the hard work it takes to get to that end point.  A couple of summers ago, I had all the drawers out, sanded all that nasty wood to scuff it up, removed the drawer handles and taped the fronts so I could paint the main body a soft grey and all the interior a candy pink with my trusty furniture paint which makes everything so ‘quick and easy’.  I figured I would have it finished and in my girls’ room within two weeks.  Fast forward almost three years, where admittedly most of that time it made a rather large door buffer in our downstairs hallway for my husband to swear under his breath at, and finally it’s finished and in place.

I had some issues with the grey paint, which was ‘chalky finish’, because it was just so thick.  When it dried, lots of raised lines made it look messy, so I sanded it down and repainted it about three times.  I don’t like the rustic look, as the paint is intended for, and just wanted a smooth finish.  In the end I was watching one of those daytime TV shows where they restore furniture and the woman encountering the same problem I had just added water! Such a simple solution, and it worked!

I knew I wanted to paint the top with really bright colours to contrast the grey and spent hours pouring over Pinterest for the right theme.  In the end I went for butterflies, birds and tropical frogs.  I was feeling very ambitious when I drew the design and airily thought I would also paint the sides and the drawers in the same theme.  With two young girls always demanding attention, it seemed every time I got everything out, within five minutes I was needed ‘desperately’, hence the role of door buffer for a few years!


When I eventually had time alone when the girls headed to nursery and school and I had got over the novelty of drinking hot coffee and going to the toilet alone (I even had a few luxurious daytime naps!) I finally got around to finishing painting the top with acrylics.  By this time, I was so determined to finish one of the many projects sitting around the house, I didn’t dare start any more drawing in case it added a few more years to completion.  So instead I sprayed the top with a gloss lacquer three or four times.  The spray is great for sealing and protecting detailed artwork without the worry of spoiling it with a paintbrush and varnish.  I then varnished all the exterior surfaces with numerous coats to try and protect it from my violent girls!  The drawers were quite stiff, so I rubbed wax on all the drawer inserts.  And voila! One finished set of drawers completely unique to my daughter’s bedroom colour theme.  Let’s hope it lasts longer than it took to create!