Poor Megan’s birthday always seems to be a bit of an afterthought.  We have Christmas, then Lily’s birthday and we seem to run out of steam for Meg.  I have also learnt my lesson about buying big and ultimately useless presents which look impressive on the day, but never get used and become dust gatherers.  I therefore thank my lucky stars that I can usually make her something.  So far she has had a really soft, cute scotty dog I made with its own little collar, a handpainted canvas of a merry go round horse named Megan, and a very large tippee which I made using the sewing machine I have only used a few times in total.  (You can imagine the swearing and hair ripping which went along with this one!)

That turned out to be one occasion Pinterest failed me.  I kept seeing these beautiful giant tippees with four children lying together reading books strategically in the corners of fabulously large minimalistic rooms, completely forgetting that our house is not only small, but also completely devoid of floor space owing to all our crap!  It now finally has a place in our bare front room, which is waiting to be decorated, and which the dog cannot get into (he has a major inferiority complex and pees on or in anything which is large and foreign, as we learnt when we brought the IKEA circus tent and found it and all the toys shoved in it swimming in pee one morning.)

This year we actually went on holiday for Easter which was a huge, exciting event in our house so no mad over the top projects could be considered.  I was really excited to find the light up cloud pictured because I knew I could personalise it for Meg, and that it would be perfect on her wall above her bed.  Meg is still a little afraid of the dark, as is her sister although she would never admit it, and the hall light always has to be left on. These little LED lights will provide a lovely glow without being too harsh, and the cloud is so cute.

I drew the message I wanted by hand and then painted it with acrylics and I’m so pleased with it.  The cord has a little battery pack which is blue tacked to the wall near her so she can switch it on or off as she wishes, and even if she leaves it on all night, the LED lights last so much longer.  Being able to paint something and make it completely bespoke always excites me, because even the most ordinary object can be made extraordinary.  If you have an object you would like to be painted, get in touch! I can’t guarantee I will be able to do it, but I will always try to be accommodating!