If you are reading this, you have found me, which is great! My name is Naomi, and as a stay at home mum I sometimes feel like I inhabit my own desert island called ‘the disorganised house’.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and this was absolutely a lifestyle choice my husband and myself were lucky enough to make, but no one ever tells you how lonely it can be.  

So stay a while, read a little, maybe have a go at one of my mini moo projects with your children, or if you like what you see but ‘don’t do craft’ buy the ready made version in my etsy shop.  Most of all, let me know you have visited, say hello, visit my island and make my erstwhile constant companion, the TV, jealous! (Quick disclaimer: the TV is only ever on in the background while I perform my house wifely duties, dear husband!) 

I have two girls, Lily, who is 7 and Megan who had just turned 4.  Until recently I was still swept up in the baby/toddler tsunami which takes over every aspect of daily life, but just as suddenly as I went in, I’ve unceremoniously been spat out the other side. Megan will be off to school in September, and all that quiet time I was so desperate for suddenly seems pretty bloody scary!  My biological clock has of course gone into overdrive (that sneaky Mother Nature!), but with two teenage step sons who fill our house to bursting every weekend our family is complete.  

Lilymoomoo Designs - Family

Emotionally, physically, practically and for reasons of sanity there can be no more babies, hence the reason for me expanding my little business which has been running a few years now and finally (hopefully!) being able to spend a little time finding out about me again.  I got so swept up in there I’ve kind of forgotten who I am.  

If you’ve read all this and haven’t yet run for the hills screaming we may well be like minded people.  Contact me on my Facebook page, get sucked into the world of Pinterest and have a nose at what I have been pinning (warning: this may take over your life and give your clicking finger repetitive strain syndrome) drop me a line on this page, and please send me your ideas for crafts or for items you would like to see in my shop.  

Thanks for looking!